Finding Motivation to Change a Habit


We are such creatures of habit. I am so experiencing this as I jump on my rebounder (mini trampoline) this morning. I’ve had a routine in place most of the year that works for me. I use arm weights and I do 60 of this, 60 of that, etc. It happens to last 10 minutes so I’ve noticed for awhile that I rarely jump more than that at a time. And something in me really wanted to both jump longer and have more variety. I’ve known this for a few months and I’ve held space for what it might be that motivates me to change this routine.


My motivation finally came in the form of merely glancing at an article about how effective interval training is for the health of our heart and brain. I already knew this research and so an aha! went off in my brain. I’ve saved the article to read and realistically, I may never get back to it. The mere glance seems to be all I needed to get me off exploring various ways I can use the rebounder as an interval training tool. I naturally am jumping longer. I feel a sense of appreciation from both my heart and brain that I care about their physical needs. I also happened across the exercise bands that the rebounder came with in the past week and am now using those to change things up too. The interesting push-pull I am noticing as I jump is all this about the playful fun that I experience with variety and the ease I experience of relaxing into a habit. Yes, I have more variety and Yes, something still pulls me toward habit. For instance, I noticed this morning that the first arm movements that I chose to jump at my very fastest rate, want to be there again when I jump fast. I’ll hear something like ‘we know this works’. On the other hand, when I listen to that aspect of myself which likes variety, it would like to try raising my arms to my sides for instance rather than over my head. It says ‘let’s try something new here’.


In a Focusing sense, I was very aware this morning as I exercised that I am holding space for both of these opinions within me. And THIS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT IS HUGE. We know from our Focusing practice, that whenever we have something we know we want to do and somehow are not doing it, then always, there is something there not wanting it. I see clearly now that until I recognized/acknowledged that in me that liked the habit I was in, I was not going to move forward easily with satisfying the hunger in me to add some variety and thus, meet my goal of jumping longer. Oh, the appreciation I feel right now for how much my body wants good things for me!! The appreciation expands beyond these two opinions too. I feel how all of my cells feel energized when I exercise. From this expanded awareness: I flow, I feel empowered,supported and I am easily motivated to meet my goals while having fun!  Simply good stuff.


Maybe there is somewhere in your life now where you have had a successful habit, are wanting to adapt it and are surprised that a change is not happening easily. I suggest you pause sometime that feels right and drop into your body. You could invite this issue either on your own or in a Focusing partnership. Be curious…  Is the success of your current habit actually preventing you from adapting something new? See if you can imagine a space within you where you can acknowledge that what you are doing now works with ease and that you have a new goal, that both are here. Keep in mind, you might need some time for the new step to come to your attention as I had the article come to mine. When you feel the ‘fresh air’, the ‘aha’ moment, now be sure you are holding that wider space for all of you. Some of you might want to think of it as inviting both your right and left brain to be involved. From this place of integration, where you feel bigger than any one idea you have about this, notice now if you find it easy to move forward. I’d love to hear from anyone here if you try this and are still stuck or if you try it and things move.