I dreamed about the wonders of Aha! last night.

beauty everywhere.JPGIt was quite apparent that something in me wanted to blog about connecting Aha! moments with our Focusing skills. When I finally acknowledged that I understood that, I fell into a sounder sleep. And so here I am, as curious as you to see what follows…

What vividly comes to me is that in Aha! lies connection, that invisible thread that sometimes lasts only a moment and sometimes stays with us for minutes, a truth that is both unique to us in this moment and in another way, a universal truth for everyone. I had an idea this morning that what would really explain Focusing in a snapshot is to capture faces of Focusers in Aha! moments. Maybe someday our Focusing community will put something like that together.

To Focus at all, we have to be willing to question ourselves, willing to probe deeper into all that we believe, what we think we know about ourselves and life on this planet. Hanging out with the unknown is our favorite past time. In understanding our self as process, we gravitate to edges like magnets. Then, once we arrive at an edge, time becomes irrelevant, spaciousness expands and we just hang out. We know from experience that THIS is where Aha! happens and we know from experience that this is not a process that can be pushed, rushed or predicted. lotsa edges.JPG

There is a road map of sorts here, not the usual kind we are anticipating. The road map is called TRUST. TRUST forms that invisible thread that is our life. TRUST guides as via radical kindness and acceptance toward all that we encounter on the road. TRUST guides us via clarity in the inherent worth and dignity toward all we encounter. TRUST understands that something that first appears as fear always really wants a sense of love and well-being for us. It can be welcoming to our biggest fear, our deepest sense of not being good-enough, our most dreaded enemy.

So maybe we can all invite a recent Aha!, a radical understanding that shifted our life in a new direction ever so slightly. And give thanks. Whoa…


One of my favorite places in nature!




I now understand why something in me really wanted me to write about this topic.

I am experiencing immense gratitude for all the environments, all the people, all the situations, all the plant and animal beings, all the wonders of this planet which have helped me achieve Aha!’s. Together they make the road stops on the map of my life. They have led me here and this is where I belong.

Big smiles and namaste bows to those of you who joined me here now. I so appreciate your presence in my life.

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