Focusing is first and foremost an EXPERIENCE, a particular way of living from these body/brains we like to think are US. Until I did my training in how to teach Focusing, I mostly lived from the perspective that figuring out life in a body and how to best use my brain, was a job we all had to do alone. I certainly learned to be wary of advice that had worked for others – it might have worked for them at one time, and sometimes it provided a piece of my puzzle.  Always, deep down, though, I had to find my own way forward. My situation always held more complexity than a single move…

Well guess what? Even though I was already quite skilled at using my Focusing skills alone and particularly in nature, I was missing something really big by not practicing with other people. And that is because ‘I’ am not in this alone. I am on this planet and in this journey of life always together with my environment! If we are really going to understand how to live our best self forward, we learn these skills best in RELATIONSHIP.  In fact, the relationship part is critical and makes all the difference! We can choose to experience life as challenging, often fending for ourselves in a messed up world. Or we can choose to experience life as a fascinating journey of discovery, traveling with, alongside, the rest of this planet as our companions.

And so IF you are just getting started, take some time and practice using your Focusing skills yourself in your life, follow that as far as it takes you. Then come back around. There are infinite edges to explore more deeply by engaging in Focusing partnerships.

Unlimited potentials, so many ways to circle toward wholeness.

And we are free to choose…

Free to 'Be'