Awkward Moments Bloom

Our first book will be released in 2021! What a journey this has been to get the book this far. Our books are now much more than a typical children’s early chapter book. Like any of us venturing out into a world where we find ourselves checking none of the above when it comes to a label, we found we needed a bit more explanation than just ‘other’. The three stories (A Puddly Kind of Day, The Bus Ride and Glimmers of Bloom) come with their own supportive environment to help them thrive and flourish. Here is the table of contents:

Table of Contents

Foreward (describes how Smartview Village began and that any one can visit here as this is public land located near Floyd, Virginia, USA)

Smartview Map (where real and imagination meet)

Prologue (the story before the story where the Inner Companions (based on neuroscience) prepare to help their Smartview Village friends)

A Puddly Kind of Day (8 yr old Wendy processes a rough day at school with the help of her family)

The Bus Ride (Whoa, in this story things get a bit worse for Wendy before they get better)

Glimmers of Bloom (Glimpse how the Poplar family slows down dinner time to support understanding ourselves as process)

Focusing and Felt Sense Literacy (a bit about Focusing and a great quote from Mary Gendlin)

Neuroscience (suggests one visit Neuroscience and Our Body/Brain on this website)

Smartview Stories Inner Companions (meet Hummah, Sleuthin and Ashamaya)

A Peek at the Poplar Family (meet Papa Sam, Mama Dawn, Stryder, Wendy and Levi)

Introducing our Smartview Team! (Sandy, Inge, Molly, Nomi, Sarah, & Renee)

Adventure ahead? Let’s go!

Our plans for 2021 include completing two more books, also featuring the Poplar Family. We would love to have these available close on the heels of this first book. Next in line after the Poplar Family, we’ll be writing about the Oak Family. We will get to include some of the interesting history about this land and the Floyd area in these stories and make some new local friends in the process.

We are not expecting to sell the books here initially. We will have links from here to various ways to purchase them. As this becomes more clear this year, we will update these pages.