Belonging, Smartview Stories Book 3

Book 3 is written with pictures coming in from both Nomi and Aaron. They both have about 1/3 of the pictures for the entire book completed. We have a new illustrator for Wendy. Fisher Thalhauser, age 10, has completed her pictures already – a mixed media creation with watercolor and marker. I am excited to share this with you when the book goes to publication.

This is the last book featuring the Poplar Family before we move on to the Oak Family. The three stories are Stone Play, My Home, Our Home and Bird Song. Here we learn a lot about Levi. Levi is Mama Dawn’s nephew. His mom is Dawn’s younger sister. His parents, Rick and Darla, live in Washington, D.C. which is about a 5 hour drive from Smartview Village. They both work to support education and empowerment projects in third world countries. An opportunity came up for them to tour the projects they have sponsored for the past 5 years. This is the first time Rick and Darla have considered traveling without Levi, much less, outside of the country since he was born. Dawn is happy to take Levi in for 10 days because it is summer time where both Stryder and Wendy will be around to help. Now his parents can experience for themselves, the people and environment where their projects often hover between surviving and thriving. Who knows where this might lead?

Being a Focusing book, of course, we’ll be watching for life forward flow…

Our first story, Stone Play, describes Levi’s first full morning staying with the Poplar’s and how he finds a sense of belonging.

Our second story, My Home, Our Home, is about sibling patterns, surprise, and making more space within and around us for belonging.

Our third story, Bird Song, is about how it feels when our unique gifts are welcomed and appreciated by others in our community.