Creating Space for Lasting Change: Part 3 Focusing

PART 3 is called the Guide’s Journey. My Favorite class when I did my initial training! Here we learn the typical ‘shape’ of a Focusing session, so we know what stage the process is in and what reminder would be most helpful. We dip deeper into our understanding of body as process by exploring it as a dance of neurobiology and physiology. This expands our sense of Presence in an experiential way we notice in our daily life. We learn here to be aware of and bigger than, our inner process alongside something that has learned to help us with the stages of process. We’ll discover more ways to bring Focusing into our daily life as we learn invitations here which very much adapt to our everyday relationships. There is a lot of new information here. By extending the class over a period of months, we’ll give ourselves space and time to integrate this information at a deep level. There are no assistants in this class. I hope that each of you will sometime volunteer to participate as either Focuser or Companion in a Demo. In addition to the six classes, I have added an additional 30 min with me individually to this class. This gives us an opportunity to really check in around what it is like for you to have the Focusing process in your life and invite potential next steps.

As a therapist, I strongly believe clinicians must continue to do their own growth work in order to best support clients. I first learned about Focusing when I mentioned to a colleague my intent to address some of my own past traumatic experiences. I am a skeptic by nature, but I was willing to follow her suggestion to try this relatively unknown life skill. Sandy’s welcoming style and gentle guidance created a safe space to explore. During Part 3, everything came together for me. With Focusing, I have made breakthroughs that decades of off-and-on therapy, paired with my own daily mindfulness practices, had merely “managed. “ I am not exaggerating when I say that Focusing has been life-changing for me. Focusing is now an everyday part of my life, so I often share Focusing principles with clients and friends. I am so grateful that I found Sandy!”  ~Pam Kuras, LCSW

It’s often during Part 3 or 4 that we have practiced this way of showing up for ourselves enough that our body/brain decides Focusing is more than just another technique. We’ll experience appreciation and supportive reminders as if what was a dirt road, easy to drive by, is now your preferred way of being.

If you are a healing professional or have opportunities to support others (kids, clients, friends, etc!!) as they process a life situation, the guiding tools of Part 3 and one’s growing ability to understand every relational encounter as somewhere ‘in process’, are invaluable skills. This is also a great class to consider repeating sometime.

Thank you so much to Alex for his share here around the shift in understanding that comes as one advances to these deepening levels 3 and 4 (classes are now called Parts 1-4).


For 2021, there may be a few spots available in these classes. Check with me before sending payment. It’s also helpful to contact me in advance if you are interested in developing any particular skills as I can keep you updated and involve you in choosing schedules. Email me HERE if you would like to be added to an email list for all of the options going on. If these fees are difficult for you, I do offer options to pay over time and often have a low income spot available. Please reach out and contact me about your situation.

What a great gift to yourself and those around you, empowering yourself in the multitudes of ways that unfold with this powerful partnership practice!


6 Sunday afternoons via Zoom videoconference
2 – 4 pm EDT, 1 – 3 pm CDT, 12 – 2 pm MDT, 11 am – 1 pm PDT or your equivalent

Sept 11, Sept 25, Oct 9, Oct 23, Nov 13, Dec 4

Prerequisite: Part 2 Focusing
Course fee $210 ($170 if you are repeating this level)

Register By: Friday, September 2

**Note Daylight savings time changes November 6 for me. Our time will shift backward 1 hour for the last two classes. If you are not on the same time shift, take this into account.

PART 3 – 2022 MONDAY EVENINGS Winter Class

6 Monday evenings via Zoom videoconference
7 – 9 pm EST, 6 – 8 pm CST, 5 – 7 pm MST, 4 – 6 pm PST or your equivalent

Jan 30, Feb 13, Feb 27, March 13, March 27, April 10

Prerequisite: Part 2 Focusing
Course fee $210 ($170 if you are repeating this level)

Register By: Friday, January 20

**Note Daylight savings time changes March 12 for me. Our time will shift forward 1 hour for the last 3 classes. If you are not on the same time shift, take this into account.

Creating Space for Lasting Change: Part 3 Focusing Class

Includes six 2 hour classes, digital student manual and 30 min one-to-one with Sandy Jahmi Burg


Also, if you have already had some similar Focusing training and are interested in reviewing these skills, you are welcome to join this class for $170. Please email me to register.

Creating Space for Lasting Change: Part 3 Focusing Class REPEAT

Includes six 2 hour classes, digital student manual and 30 min one to one with Sandy Jahmi Burg. Please register with me before sending payment.



There will be lectures, demonstrations, question periods, group exercises, and paired exercises. You will be paired to practice a Focusing exercise with another participant each class session. There will also be an additional paired homework exercise between sessions that will take approximately 45 min. Even with local classes, this additional exercise is usually done over the phone.  Please plan to attend all 6 or 8 sessions for the full time of the meeting. Missing one or two classes is acceptable.  If you miss more than two classes, it may be best to repeat. We will sense into this together.

For the videoconference class, all you need is a computer with a camera. You can also attend via a cellphone. You’ll be able to see everyone in the class, generally, whoever is speaking appears larger at the time. You can mute and turn off your video camera as needed.  Recordings may be available if you miss a class.  Video seminars work amazingly well. Hope to see you here!


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