Finding ‘YES!’ Within


Are there days you wonder WHO is running your day to day life, like very quietly there in the background of your subconscious? When we listen within, there are some noble concepts about helping others and contributing our share. Oh yes, we find ourselves contributing to family, job(s), home, community, taxes, volunteer projects, on and on it goes. These activities keep us busy!  Whether they are paid jobs or not, it can mostly feel like “work”. Along with this drive to stay active, there is also a discomfort of sorts. We might hear doubts about how we spend our time, something about wanting more out of our life or even a yearning for freedom. Slowing down our level of activity is not an easy change when we try it. Sometimes, it is health issues that can most effectively slow us down. What drives these deep subconscious patterns with us? What are the beliefs hidden within them?

In the past 15 yrs, I have changed how I live in this world a lot. I have had a variety of entrepreneur jobs, both failures and successes. I learned to trust the flow of support from the universe. I love the freedom and space I have in my days. And there is still more…

I did this first in 2019. What a delight! This was such a successful international community building experience, that I anticipate doing some version of this again. I will add some testimonials later from those participating this year.

At this time, I am NOT scheduling this for 2020.

Finding YES 2020

This topic of how we make our daily choices to live in relationship to ourselves, each other and the planet runs deep in our DNA as human beings. This may seem like surface stuff, however, every so often, we do catch a glimpse of the subconscious belief patterns driving us. And they are not all what we’d hope to find. This topic connects closely with our sense of worth. We may be passionately righteous in our beliefs around this and also painfully aware that others are just as passionate in disagreeing with us. I am not surprised that something like this would want to move forward further within me now, in these times, as a process for all of humanity. Rather than make this just my process I explore, it feels valuable to invite others and go through this together as a supportive community.

Prerequisite: Level 2 or equivalent Focusing experience

Please plan to attend the majority of these meetings as we are building community here. We appreciate your Presence and commitment to our goal of exploring deep patterns, finding a more united ‘YES!’ in your living of life, as well as supporting what happens in our inter-relating as a community around this topic. Since your own Focusing practice is core to this transformation, also plan on a regular Focusing practice outside of class for this period.

  1. Continuous review of Self-in-Presence, this state of being that invites transformative felt sense shifts (monad-ing) that vibrate to the core of our being and beyond.
  2. Some APM, quotes from A Process Model philosophy by Gene Gendlin, read slowly and carefully, to remind us what we are capable of.
  3. We’ll use the Power of And and the Power of Community to transform old relational patterns that are between us and our next united ‘YES!’.
  4. Exploration of ourselves as process! We’ll use relevant exercises developed from Inner Relationship Focusing, Wholebody Focusing, Various Embodiment Practices, Neuroscience, a bit of TAE and crossing our own experiences as a community to keep this interesting!
  5. Lots of Focusing practice developing our skills with deeper topics. Going deep means holding bigger spaces, beyond wrong or right, a sense of timelessness, and wondering, can I add even more to my view here…
  6. Patience. Self-Appreciation. Curiosity. Community.
  7. About 1 hr large or small group time, about 1 hr Focusing partnership.
  8. Come from wherever you are…