Focusing Mentors

What an honor to be part of the life forward human potential that makes up The International Focusing Community (TIFI)! Learning Community Focusers are encouraged to visit here to explore potential ways of bringing Focusing into the world. The Focusing Professionals, FOT’s and Trainers listed here truly enjoy the mentoring process. A mentor is someone who has traveled the path of certification in their own way and now holds space for another person to find their own way toward a sense of completion. This commitment involves a minimum of six 1-hour sessions and may blossom beyond this in a variety of ways. Suggestions for potential ways to interact with each mentor are in their description below. Keep in mind, since we all practice Focusing here, new fresh ideas may emerge once you connect as well. Please consider visiting a mentor’s website for more information before you reach out to them. A lot of your questions might be answered there.

Learning Community Focusers: you can develop relationships with more than one mentor here; however, only one will be your Companion for your six required sessions, three of which are your self-assessment milestones. To hire a mentor for the six sessions, I suggest you reach out to a few for initial 20-30 min chats. There is no charge for these. The mentor will let you know if this feels like a good fit on their end either during the chat or within a few days. Ultimately, it is your decision. If you have interviewed someone, be sure to let them know your decision. Mentor relationships are precious. Do not leave any hanging in the air as unknowns. The mentoring journey often takes 1 – 2 years, sometimes longer.

May this relationship you find be the ground upon which new growth springs for all!

Pat Omidian, ‘Promoting Healthy, Peaceful Communities’

Access Pat’s Website or send her an Email

I have a PhD in Applied Medical Anthropology and teach Community Wellness Focusing globally. With Melinda Darer, I co-direct Focusing Initiatives International, a not for profit organization that promotes positive emotional and social resilience to underserved populations. 

I will be honest here. If you are wanting to move into the realm of therapy and one on one work, I am not the right mentor for you. For me, Focusing has a critical role in promoting healthy, peaceful communities. I like mentoring others in how to work in communities so that the communities help themselves. If you want to adapt Focusing so that it is an integral part of the work you do, I can help. 

Renee La Roi, ‘Letting your Body be your Guide’

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I am a long time Focuser – with 20+ years of study, practice, teaching and living Focusing. Within day-to-day life, yoga, art, design, Focusing partnerships, and while teaching Focusing itself, I will continue to be a student of Focusing and the body forever.

I love being in the role of mentor, supporting students to find their own Focusing voice and a way to live Focusing in their lives.  It is an honor to be part of this growth process as we live through loving self in presence. 

I encourage curiosity and unconditional acceptance in your own Focusing practice and what you teach. I enjoy helping you find life forward steps on your certification journey. I will help strengthen your own relationship with Focusing and assist enabling you to model this beautiful process to your students. 

Suzanne Noel, ‘Healing through We-ing’

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Hello! I am a Certifying Coordinator. For many years I certified Focusing Trainers in Domain Focusing. We highlight 3 realms of growth: thinking, felt-sensing and loving. I developed Recovery Focusing (the crossing of the 12 Steps for addictive process with Felt Sensing), out of which I developed her H.O.W. We Heal model for groups. Groups are my specialty! I am happy to consult with you about applying H.O.W. We Heal to groups you interact with. You may also find these helpful: articles I’ve published at and 4 pdf books you can find at my website.

I enjoy dabbling in poetry and different kinds of art. My passion is riding my motorcycle in beautiful Costa Rica. It will be an honor and pleasure to accompany you on your Focusing journey.