Guided Focusing Sessions

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”    Marcel Proust


Once we decide to try Focusing, our first step is often a Guided Focusing Session from a Certified Focusing Professional. I am inviting you to schedule that with me! I offer Guided Sessions at my home, via phone or videoconference. I can support your process as well via technology as in person.

Guided Sessions are very helpful for moving through past or current issues that seem to be stuck or to re-invigorate your own sense of self. A first session is often the beginning of a fascinating journey to more deeply understand the rich depth of knowing our body holds.  Our body takes in huge amounts of subconscious information in every moment. Over time, that information leads to a lot of life wisdom. We will not necessarily access these subtle messages in every part of our life without practice. Practicing this more subtle communication in Guided Sessions is one way to develop our Focusing skills.

“Opening the door to the practice of Focusing has really been life changing and Is applicable to daily life. I feel as though anyone can benefit from this practice.”                        ~ testimonial from Anne Vaughn

As a Certified Focusing Professional, I am trained to guide you in this process of accessing a deeper level of your own knowing than one can often access alone. No preparation is necessary. A guided session is a gift to yourself. Similar to how you might take the time for a full body massage, here you set aside time to deepen your relationship with yourself. It is suggested that you come with a topic to invite. It could be something that feels stuck right now, something about yourself that you have long wondered about, something on your mind a lot lately, a decision, a health issue. Your body carries all the wisdom of your past, is fully aware of all that is going on with you now and has a knowing about what would bring a sense of thriving to your future. Together, we follow your body’s own knowing. Because of the natural way our brains are structured, we alone, often have difficulty being fully open to all our body is wanting for us to understand. I am trained to help you reconnect to your own sense of thriving around an issue. Generally first time sessions take 75 min, further sessions are closer to 60 min.

Focusing is incredible. And Sandy is a very thoughtful, empathetic, supportive and skilled practitioner. For all my life I have been strong and independent and made really solid decisions. In the past couple years I have been struggling with my emotions, digging deep to try to understand my needs that perhaps I’ve been suppressing, and swirling on how to move forward out of a funk. It has been a painful and foreign feeling for me and has taken a toll on me psychologically and physically. I have pursued many different modalities including therapy, coaching, astrology, yoga, meditation, self-hypnosis, massage, acupuncture, mood supplements, among others. And nothing has brought me to a place of immediate clarity, relaxation, self-understanding, and relief like a one hour focusing session with Sandy. With each session I am able to explore and let out all of my emotions and the various factions of thoughts, feelings, judgments, sensations, dreams that are battling it out within me. I have never felt such deep empathy for every aspect of myself before. It feels like the ultimate form of self-care. And in the end, I always come full circle and a clear conclusion rises to the top which puts everything in perspective and allows everything else to fall away. As a result, my body feels relaxed, I breathe a sigh of relief, I feel warm and hopeful. Not to mention, outside of sessions I feel a stronger line of communication with my body which sends me signals on a regular basis which I was not picking up on before. I can’t recommend a Focusing Session with Sandy enough. ~ testimonial from Lucille

SAFETY in this process, in general, is an important topic Focusers take very seriously.  If you are concerned about safety or engaging trauma, possibly some of these points will help.  I can also send you more information and would be glad to have a more in-depth conversation in person or on the phone around this as well.  First, in Focusing, we are primarily working with an inner experiential process and if it feels best, each of us can keep ‘what’ the experience is about, to ourselves.  All content that might come up in a Focusing Session is always 100% confidential.  Next, Focusing is relationship building and we will be encouraged to honor what feels right to the inner relationship.  One shares what is wanting to be acknowledged and accepted out loud.  Anything which feels tender or needing to be protected would be acknowledged as that or silently to yourself.  This sense of safety and trust in the Focusing partnership process builds gradually over time.

“There is so much heart in Focusing!”

Kari Kovick teaches Children's Music Classes at the Floyd Country Store most Friday mornings.

“Over and over again, I have found that Focusing provides a beautiful combination of what seem to me to be the two most essential aspects of meditation and therapy: the ability to be objective, to dis-identify, so that I can truly look at myself, and the ability to hold what I find in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way.

Working with Sandy really creates a bubble of safety, too. I know she will support me 100% without judging, and with total acceptance. I remember clearly the first time I had a phone session with Sandy. My habits of my perfectionism made me anxious, fearing that I had to come up with something good to fill the space, or it wouldn’t be good enough.  Even over the phone, I could feel Sandy supporting me with a sense of spaciousness. There was no pressure, no expectation for anything specific to happen, no agenda, just a safe allowing from Sandy to just BE here. Suddenly, I relaxed into that sense that it was fine to be exactly as I was. That in itself was life changing. To build on that, I practice this kind of relationship with others in my community who are using Focusing to cultivate emotional safety and acceptance. Thank you, Sandy, for starting a Focusing community in Floyd!”

~ Kari Kovick, Heart of the Child Music Education

The experience of a Guided Session is required for Focusing classes so that we are all clear on what ‘type’ of experience we are going for here. It may be that you have just one session before you start a class or guided sessions can be used for reasons similar to why one might choose traditional counseling. In these alternative-to-counseling type situations, I am very happy to support you over a period of weeks as you move through a major adjustment as well as have you drop in occasionally on an as-needed basis.

Guided Sessions are a learning platform in themselves, one of the best kind! Those subconscious patterns that are wanting to come to your attention, yet so subtly feel like ‘YOU’, and are getting in your way without meaning to, are much easier for me to help you find. And sessions are a great way to get clear on which steps of the process you might be skipping over. Whenever there is any kind of disagreement within us, like something wants something else to change, always Focusing will be effective in bringing change once you find the “subtle” aspect of Presence or step of the process that is being overlooked just now. I’m happy to help you find your subtle!

First-Time Guided Focusing Session

A great intro or review of Focusing process or prep for starting a Part 1 or other beginner class. We’ll spend 70-75 min together. Payment includes a video of the five ways our body communicates with us along with some neuroscience and philosophy around change. I suggest you review this shortly before our scheduled session.


Single Guided Focusing Session

1 hr


Package of Four Guided Focusing Sessions

1 hr each


Email me HERE to schedule a Guided Session. You can pay for sessions here now via paypal or at the time we meet via check or cash. I offer sessions weekday, weeknight and weekend hours. I am on ET (Eastern Standard/Daylight Time zone New York, USA). Sessions can be done in person or via phone or Zoom videoconference.


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