How To Engage

  If you are just beginning…

I do offer free talks to groups interested in learning a bit about Focusing. Maybe you belong to a group that would be interested?

You Might Engage Via Facebook…

There are a variety of internet resources that you can explore for more information. Floyd Focusing Facebook Group is open to those on facebook.  It’s a great resource of current events, connections and educational Focusing tidbits maintained by myself, Sandy Jahmi Burg. You may want to explore The International Focusing Institute ( or Ann Weiser Cornell’s ( websites as there is a plethora of information about Focusing there.

Or Maybe Borrow a Book….

If you live near Floyd, VA, we maintain a Focusing loaner library with resources that you can read or listen to.  Beginners usually start with Ann Weiser Cornell’s “The Power of Focusing” .. it’s a slim easy read and there are several copies circulating so you won’t have to wait too long to get one.  I am also available to chat with you more about what Focusing is and the various options available.  I apologize as this page is rather long, so feel free to reach out personally so I can help you find what’s right for you.  Contact me by email to schedule a phone call or to inquire about the library.

Try a Being Your Own Best Friend class….

If you curious about Focusing and looking for a gentle introduction, this space is for you! This class is centered around exploring and improving your relationship with yourself from wherever it is now. You will deepen your sense of trust within. This could include getting clearer around ‘who I am’ or ‘where am I going’. We might explore how to deal with self-criticism, doubting oneself, all this about making decisions, or how one stays grounded in the face of constant change. We’ll explore how our brain works using current neuroscience concepts. We’ll use various body awareness, mindfulness and Focusing activities to become familiar with our own individual inner processes around what it means for us to be our own best friend.

Each class will include time for sensing within yourself, opportunities to become more familiar with how to navigate your inner landscape, Presence language exercises, a Demo of Focusing-in-action, and either an art or body awareness/movement activity. We will not be partnering with others in the class here, only working individually. Focusing experience is not required, although it will certainly add to what you get from this class.

The uses of Focusing that apply particularly to the topic of Being Your Own Best Friend include:

  • practicing self-compassion
  • making clear decisions
  • knowing what you really feel and want
  • releasing emotional burdens
  • transforming inner critics
  • nurturing a sense of self worth
  • being an accepting understanding friend
  • improve overall communication skills
  • increase patience, intentionality, gratitude and body awareness

Being Your Own Best Friend will be offered three times a year – fall, winter-spring and summer for two age groups – tweens/teens from 12-18 yrs and adults ages 18 and up. Classes will meet five times for 1.5 hours. Class fee is $75.

Best Friends Tween/Teen Live-in-Floyd Class

5 Tuesday afternoons
4:30 – 6pm
Jan 30, Feb 6, Feb 13, Feb 20, Feb 27
Class fee $75, Limit 8 participants



Best Friends Adult Zoom Videoconference Class

5 Tuesday evenings
7:00pm- 8:30pm EST, 6:00pm – 7:30pm CST, 5:00pm – 6:30pm MST, 4:00pm – 5:30pm PST
Jan 30, Feb 6, Feb 13, Feb 20, Feb 27
Course fee $75

Email me HERE to register for these classes. Registration deadline: Friday, Jan 26, 2018.


And When You Are READY…

Since Focusing is first and foremost a body awareness EXPERIENCE, a Guided Focusing Session is your best bet when you are ready to try out the Focusing process yourself with your own inner relationships.

Guided Sessions with Sandy – Adults, Teen and Young Children

In a Guided Focusing Session, I can help you experience  movement by accessing a deeper level of your own knowing than one can often access alone. As a Certified Focusing Professional, I am trained to guide you in this process. No preparation is necessary. A guided session is a gift to yourself. Similar to how you might take the time for a full body massage, here you set aside time to deepen your relationship with yourself. It is suggested that you come with a topic to invite. It could be something that feels stuck right now, something about yourself that you have long wondered about, something on your mind a lot lately, a decision, a health issue. Your body carries all the wisdom of your past, is fully aware of all that is going on with you now and has a knowing about what would bring a sense of thriving to your future. Together, we follow your body’s own knowing. Because of the natural way our brains are structured, we alone, often have difficulty being fully open to all our body is wanting for us to understand. I am trained to help you reconnect to your own sense of thriving around an issue. Generally first time sessions take 90 min, further sessions are closer to 60 min.

If you have a child who seems to be struggling with their emotions, an inner critic, making decisions, or in general, seems to get stuck often in their inner processing of situations, I have a wide variety of Children’s Focusing Activities I can do with them to help them learn this very valuable life skill. A parent is encouraged to attend with them and also to have at least one Guided Session themselves so that we are all on the same page in understanding the skills we are wanting to reinforce between sessions.

The experience of a Guided Session is required for Focusing classes so that we are all clear on what ‘type’ of experience we are going for here. It may be that you have just one session before you start a class or guided sessions can be used for reasons similar to why one might choose traditional counseling. In these alternative-to-counseling type situations, I am very happy to support you over a period of weeks as you move through a major adjustment as well as have you drop in occasionally on an as-needed basis.

Sliding Scale Fee is $50-$80/session.

Email me HERE to schedule a Guided Session. I offer sessions weekday, weeknight and weekend hours. I am on EST (Eastern Standard Time zone USA). Sessions can be done in person or via phone or computer video programs like Skype or Zoom.

Click HERE for a blog post about Getting Started and Guided Focusing Sessions.

Level 1 Training : Open the Door

Like any other skill, use Focusing or lose it.  In this Introduction to Focusing, you will learn a practical step-by-step process you can use with any life issue, on your own & in partnership, now & in the future. As an Empowered Focuser, it is your choice to choose what topics to apply your growing Focusing skill set toward. Once you have taken a Level 1 Focusing workshop, you can practice as often as you’d like with local Focusers in person or with someone from our online Focusing community via phone.  This workshop is generally offered in five 2.5 hr sessions over a period of 2 months.   Focusing practice between sessions with others in the class is highly recommended.  Trainings can be held in person or online via videoconference.  Alternate formats can also be designed for groups and to fit particular interests.  Prerequisite: a Guided Session with a certified Focusing Professional, preferably within the previous year.   Fee range:  $120-150

The skill set we work with in Level 1 includes:

  • Creating a space within that welcomes a fresh ‘felt sense’
  • The various ways our body might communicate with us beyond words
  • Forming relationships with what comes up
  • Staying with them
  • Sensing when they change
  • Sensing what fits and doesn’t
  • Being with one body sense even as you’re sensing something new arising
  • Enjoying positive feelings

Level 2-4 Training : Into the flow

Level 1 is like training wheels.  With Levels 2-4, we get even better at riding any terrain that life presents us with.   No matter what your level of Focusing skill is when you begin these trainings, the door is now open to a sense of more empowerment.  In ever-flowing layers, here we come to understand that we are always changing and evolving and Focusing is that essence from which we feel flow and thriving in our lives.  Now we consciously understand how to bring ourselves back to what feels open, alive and flowing anytime we do not feel that way either inside ourselves or with what is going on in the world around us.    These workshops can also be designed in alternate formats.  Currently, our most popular format is to gather in groups that meet every 2-4 weeks for 2.5 hrs. This gives us time to fit training into our busy lives, provides a structure for us to continue practicing, helps us bond with the Focusers in our group and gives the subtleties of this process time to work.  Fee Range for each 5-session Level:  $120-180.

Click HERE for for a blog post with more detailed class descriptions.

Fall classes are scheduled. Contact me if you are interested in these or getting on my email list for future classes. What a great gift to yourself and those around you, empowering yourself in the multitudes of ways that unfold with this powerful partnership practice!

Here are the dates we have in place for classes right now:


Level 1 Videoconference Class

6 Wednesday afternoons
12:30pm – 2:30pm EST, 11:30am – 1:30pm CST, 10:30am –12:30pm MST, 9:30am – 11:30am PST
Jan 17, 24, Feb 7, 21, March 7, 21
Prerequisite: Guided Focusing Session
Course fee $185 includes a 1.5 hr Individual Guided Session before the class starts

Limit 8 participants

Email me HERE to register for this class. Registration deadline: January 12, 2018


Level 1 Videoconference Class

5 Sunday afternoons
3 – 5 pm EST, 2 – 4 pm CST, 1 – 3 pm MST, 12 – 2 pm PST
Jan 21, 28, Feb 11, 25, March 11, 25
Prerequisite: Guided Focusing Session

Course fee $185 includes a 1.5 hr Individual Guided Session before the class starts

Limit 8 participants

Email me HERE to register for this class. Registration deadline: Oct 11, 2017.

Level 4 Local Class – FULL

6 Monday evenings meeting at my Floyd home
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Jan 15, Feb 5, Feb 26, March 12, April 2, April 23
Prerequisite: Level 3
Course fee $180 or $120 if you are repeating Level 4

A Level 4 Videoconference Class will be offered late 2018 or early 2019. Email me HERE if you would like to be added to an email list for this next class.

How Focusing Classes Work

There will be lectures, demonstrations, question periods, group exercises, and paired exercises. You will be paired to practice a Focusing exercise with another participant each class session. There will also be an additional paired homework exercise between sessions that will take approximately 45 min. Even with local classes, this additional exercise is usually done over the phone. Please plan to attend all 5 sessions for the full time of the meeting. Missing one class is acceptable. If you miss more than one class, it is best to repeat the Level.

For the Video Web Conference class, we will be utilizing a program called Zoom. You will need to download it onto your computer or phone to join us via video. You can also attend audio only via your phone. You’ll be in a conference space with myself as teacher, one-two assistants, and a group of friendly fellow learners from all over the US. With video, we will be able to see each other. Video Web seminars work amazingly well. Hope to see you here!


Special Themed Focusing Classes

There are probably infinite life situations or themes one could apply Focusing toward. The benefit here is that the whole group is inviting this topic (from different places of course, from wherever they are with it right now). As any good discussion does for us, here you will be in an environment nurturing your own growth as you practice deeply listening to how other people are processing this same life situation or theme in their lives. We are all so much more connected than we often realize without these opportunities.

In 2017, I’ll be starting Focusing classes in which we’ll specifically invite our spiritually inclined self and explore our relationship with God or what that means for us. These classes are called Unity Focusing, are  based from Unity Church of Roanoke Valley and described more HERE.

In 2018, I’ll be starting:

Focusing for Healing Professionals (anyone who meets with clients for the purpose of healing and growth)

Focusing to Thrive! (for anyone dealing with chronic health issues, loss of vitality, etc)

Contact me to be added to an email list for either of these.


Floyd Focusing Resource Center

This is a private forum-like website for those who’ve had Level 1 equivalent training in Focusing. I’ve created this as a place where we can freely connect and engage about our experiences and interests related to Focusing.

There are chat rooms to explore Process Model theory, the neuroscience that is happening in our brains as we Focus, various ways of cultivating radical acceptance, embodiment practices, companion challenges, finding a Focusing partner and much more… This space really is to honor all of us embarking on this journey of more deeply understanding ourselves and our engagement with the world around us. Private groups can be formed here to explore applying Focusing to areas like Parenting, Social Work, Group Work, PTSD, etc. Click HERE to check it out. Contact me if you would like to join.


Focusing Gatherings

These are special events for those already familiar with Focusing who live in the Floyd, VA area. They may be Focusing-related workshops in the area given by other trainers. For instance, a group of us often attend a yearly Embodied Life workshop offered by Russell Delman each spring in the Durham, NC area. Events might also revolve around a special learning opportunity that comes to me that I can share with others. I will communicate these via the newsletter and email.