Creating Space for Lasting Change: Adults Level 1 Focusing

“I love the organic, completely self-directed and amazingly gentle way
that Focusing “works.” I have taken Levels 1 and 2 with Sandy.

www.facebookShe is wise, intuitive, detail-oriented, and fun/ny. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone wanting to explore, heal, gain insights, and let their own intelligence lead them forward.

THANKS for your devotion, Sandy!”                                                                  ~ testimonial from Nancy Maurelli, Roanoke, VA


I offer a variety of Focusing classes. This page is for those who recognize that Focusing skills are valuable and they are open to trying the benefits of a partnership practice. A Guided Session is a pre-requisite for these classes. From this one-on-one time together with a Focusing trainer, you are clearer on the type of ‘living from body knowing’ that is unique to Focusing process. Focusing, like any other skill we might choose to learn, is not an instant knowing. Gradually, over time, you become more skilled. This unfolding actually never stops, so you are embarking on a forever journey of healing self and being a healing Presence to the world around you. Learning Focusing from me is divided into 4 classes and generally, you’d want to space these out over a few years, giving yourself time to get skilled at one level before moving onto the next. This is also not linear learning, this is life process learning. It can be of great benefit to return to an earlier level at any time to review and go deeper there. There are also numerous ways to learn Focusing and you may want to try other types of classes with other Focusing trainers. I invite you to check out this video featuring a few local Floyd Focusers sharing how partnership practice has transformed their lives. And feel free to contact me anytime you have questions.







And When You Are READY…

Creating Space for Lasting Change: Level 1 Focusing

In this Introduction to Focusing, you will learn a practical step-by-step process that moves you toward your well-being with any life issue, on your own & in partnership, now & in the future. Focusing includes a variety of relational mindfulness skills. We begin here with the ground upon which all the other skills more easily grow from. We learn here to exercise our Self-in-Presence muscle. This class provides you with a structure to practice this way of being.
Self-in-Presence is a space of radical acceptance you learn to create where change can safely emerge. If you have heard the phrase, ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’, this gives you another feel for what we are practicing here. This is ultimate self-care supported by the structure of this class. You will learn to let go of some of the ways of relating that Western Society has encouraged for a more authentic satisfying sense of being in this world. You will get better at creating a sense of safety within yourself despite the chaos of the world around us. And you will come to understand more deeply and clearly how your brain and body do what they do for you and why they sometimes don’t do something for you.
Focusing is a body awareness skill that allows you to access your own body’s wisdom more often. Practicing it essentially wires our brains to a more holistic cooperative state of being, integrating our right and left brains, our emotions, body and mind. Focusing is also the essence of change and we become more comfortable with what it feels like to hang at the edge of something new that is emerging. These relational mindfulness skills can be used in many ways as they apply to any relational moment, be that with yourself, other people or a particular environment.
Our motto in this class is Empowered Focuser, Relaxed Companion. The Focuser is always in charge of their inner process. We unlearn western cultural habits of fixing and setting others straight and how to be what is most needed as a listener. Time spent Focusing with a partner actively rewires our neurons so that our brain/bodies can more effectively function at their highest potential for us.
Once you have taken a Level 1 Focusing workshop, you can practice as often as you’d like with local Focusers in person or with someone from our online Focusing community via phone. The benefits of a Focusing partnership are very powerful in today’s world. Because these Presencing skills are not prevalent in our society in general, most of us crave simple radical acceptance. We are good enough.
If you are ready to empower yourself in these relational ways (and so much more!), then I invite you to bring the magic of Focusing into your life! This workshop is now offered in six 2 hr sessions over a period of 2 months. Focusing practice between sessions with others in the class is highly recommended.

Prerequisite: a Guided Session with a certified Focusing Professional, preferably within the previous year.   First-time Guided Session Fee:  $75


There are many ways to learn Focusing. I am certified in Inner Relationship Focusing with Ann Weiser Cornell and use her Student Manuals in my classes. There are two Student Manuals that cover the entire journey of learning this process.  Part one covers my Levels 1-2 and Part two covers my Advanced Levels 3-4. The Student Manual reading is optional for Levels 1-2. It is mandatory for Levels 3-4. I stock Student Manuals for those local who would like to purchase one. Those registered for online classes will receive a link to order the Student Manual (hard copy or online version) once you register for a class. The price ranges from $23-30 for a manual and each manual will cover two levels of my classes.

The skill set we work with in Level 1 includes:

  • Creating a space within that welcomes a fresh ‘felt sense’
  • The various ways our body might communicate with us beyond words
  • Forming relationships with what comes up
  • Staying with them
  • Sensing when they change
  • Sensing what fits and doesn’t
  • Being with one body sense even as you’re sensing something new arising
  • Enjoying positive feelings

Class sizes are limited. Please register early if the dates/times work well for you.

My final class for 2019 will be a weekend session on Sundays.

LEVEL 1 VIDEOCONFERENCE Fall Weekend Session -2019 DATES

6  Sundays – Starting September 22
1pm – 3pm EST AND/OR 3:30pm – 5:30pm EST, indicate your preference
Sept 22, Sept 29, Oct 13, Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 17
Prerequisite: Guided Focusing Session
Course fee $120

Register By: September 16


Use this button to submit the $120 payment for a Level 1 Class via Paypal.

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Please include your name, email and note Spring, Summer, Fall or Weekend Session with the payment.  I will contact you with confirmation of your registration. If a local class is already full, your payment will be refunded. You can also email me HERE to check if there is space.

Also, if you have already had some introductory Focusing training and are interested in reviewing these skills or getting your certificate of completion, you are welcome to join this class for $75. Please email me to register and send payment.


There will be lectures, demonstrations, question periods, group exercises, and paired exercises. You will be paired to practice a Focusing exercise with another participant each class session. There will also be an additional paired homework exercise between sessions that will take approximately 45 min. Even with local classes, this additional exercise is usually done over the phone. Please plan to attend all sessions for the full time of the meeting. Missing one class is acceptable. If you miss more than one class, it is best to repeat the Level.

For the Video Web Conference class, we will be utilizing a program called Zoom. You will need to download it onto your computer or phone to join us via video. You can also attend audio only via your phone. You’ll be in a conference space with myself as teacher, one-two assistants, and a group of friendly fellow learners from all over the US. With video, we will be able to see each other. Video Web seminars work amazingly well. Hope to see you here!


“Focusing allows us the tools to truly look inside of our soul and
sense into what is really going on within our soul and inner being.
I am half way through the four levels of Focusing. Focus has shown
me what my conscience can not see. I hope you will try it yourself.”
~ testimonial from Sydney LeMasters, Virginia Beach, VA


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