Focusing Resources


I do offer free talks to groups interested in learning a bit about Focusing. Maybe you belong to a group that would be interested?

You Might Engage Via Facebook…

There are a variety of internet resources that you can explore for more information. Floyd Focusing Facebook Group is open to those on facebook.  It’s a great resource of current events, connections and educational Focusing tidbits maintained by myself, Sandy Jahmi Burg. You may want to explore The International Focusing Institute ( or Ann Weiser Cornell’s ( websites as there is a plethora of information about Focusing there.

Or Maybe Borrow a Book….

If you live near Floyd, VA, we maintain a Focusing loaner library with resources that you can read or listen to.  Beginners usually start with Ann Weiser Cornell’s “The Power of Focusing” .. it’s a slim easy read and there are several copies circulating so you won’t have to wait too long to get one.  I am also available to chat with you more about what Focusing is and the various options available.  Contact me by email to schedule a phone call or to inquire about the library.



Emerging Focuser Gatherings
This is a place to share Focusing experience and conversation! Come whether you have been practicing or not. Bring your experiences, questions and concerns about Focusing or just come to experience a Guided Inquiry into what is most wanting your awareness around Focusing process right now. And maybe you drop in just for Focusing fellowship! I will facilitate a Guided Focusing Inquiry pausing for you to sense in around various aspects of this process, how are they going for you, mostly from an Inner Relationship Focusing view. Then, we’ll check in for shares, answer questions and share resources with each other.

This space asks that you have had ‘some’ experience with Focusing – that could be a class or a Guided session, some inner exploration of the concepts. I will be scheduling these 4-6 times a year at varying times. Email me HERE and request that I add you to an email list for these gatherings.



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