Youth Training

Is there a special child in your life who would appreciate the gifts of resiliency and strong social-emotional skills?

I offer Adult/Child Focusing Activity Sessions. Working together, the Focusing skills we learn in our sessions can be practiced and reinforced at home as you are both learning together.

Sessions will be 45 – 60 min with adult and child together plus include a 10-15 min phone call to the adult to review progress and answer questions. Some of the sessions can be done via videoconference if you have access to a printer to print materials we’ll be using for activities. Let’s chat about this over the phone first if you are interested in these sessions and do not live near me.

Email me HERE to schedule a time for your Session. I offer sessions weekday, weeknight and weekend hours. I am on EST (Eastern Standard Time zone USA). You can pay for sessions here now via paypal or at the time we meet via check or cash.

Single sessions: $60

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Series of four sessions: $180

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Try a Being Your Own Best Friend class….

If you curious about Focusing and looking for a gentle introduction, this space is for you! This class is centered around exploring and improving your relationship with yourself from wherever it is now. You will deepen your sense of trust within.  We’ll explore how our brain works using current neuroscience concepts. We’ll use various body awareness, mindfulness and Focusing activities to become familiar with our own individual inner processes around what it means for us to be our own best friend.

Each session of five classes will have a theme we work more deeply with. For 2018, the themes are:

Self-Criticism/Judgement for Spring

Self-Care Habits/Addictions for Summer

Loneliness for Fall

Each class will include time for sensing within yourself, opportunities to become more familiar with how to navigate your inner landscape, Presence language exercises, a Demo of Focusing-in-action, and either an art or body awareness/movement activity. We will not be partnering with others in the class here, only working individually. Focusing experience is not required, although it will certainly add to what you get from this class.

The uses of Focusing that apply particularly to the topic of Being Your Own Best Friend include:

  • practicing self-compassion
  • making clear decisions
  • knowing what you really feel and want
  • releasing emotional burdens
  • transforming inner critics
  • nurturing a sense of self worth
  • being an accepting understanding friend
  • improve overall communication skills
  • increase patience, intentionality, gratitude and body awareness

Being Your Own Best Friend will be offered three times a year – fall, winter-spring and summer for two age groups – tweens/teens from 12-18 yrs and adults ages 18 and up. Classes will meet five times for 1.5 hours. Class fee is $75. Adult Session Times are listed here. Tween/Teens meet on the same dates earlier from 4:30-6pm. Refer to the Youth Training page to register.


5 Wednesday afternoons
4:30 – 6pm
July 11, July 18, July 25, Aug 1, Aug 8
Class fee $75, Limit 8 participants


5 Wednesday afternoons
4:30 – 6pm
Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 13, Nov 20, Nov 27
Class fee $75, Limit 8 participants

Use this button to submit the $75 payment for a Best Friends Class via Paypal.

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Please include your name, email and summer or fall session with the payment. I will contact you with confirmation of your registration. If the local Tween/Teen class is already full, your payment will be refunded. You can also email me HERE to check if there is space or if you have any questions before registering.

If you prefer, you can email me HERE to register and pay via check or cash. I am also open to payment plans.