Unity Focusing

Do you long for the skills to live authentic spiritually conscious relationships in your daily life?

Are you looking for an opportunity to deepen your inner relationship with self and God? (this is the only class I offer where we will invite and discuss this particular relationship)

Focusing, like some other meditative experiences, touches a deeper cosmic process, and it does so in a way that is unique to each individual in his or her own individual place. Here at Unity Church in Roanoke Valley, we’ll learn to create a safe container for both ourselves and those we are with to heal old universal wounds of isolation and fear. By practicing these mindfulness skills together, in relationship to others, they are then with us, wherever we go, whatever we interact with. If you’ve often wondered how it is possible to heal the world by BEing the change, here we are creating a community of spiritual Focusers who are ready for the challenge.  It’s in the commitment to support each other that we find the strength and courage to be there for ourselves. We’d love to have you join us!

Level 1 ‘Open the Door’ Unity Focusing Class

5 Sunday afternoons
3:30pm – 6:00pm
Unity of Roanoke Valley, 3300 Green Ridge Rd, Roanoke, VA 24019

Dec 10, Dec 17, Jan 7, Jan 21, Feb 4
Prerequisite: Guided Focusing Session
Course fee $150, Limit 8 participants

Email me HERE to register for this class. Registration deadline: Dec 1, 2017.


Level 1 Training : Open the Door

In this Introduction to Unity Focusing, you will learn a practical step-by-step process you can use with any life issue, on your own & in partnership, now & in the future. As an Empowered Focuser, it is your choice to choose what topics to apply your growing Focusing skill set toward. We will work with the three primary characteristics of Focusing here: Presence as a state of being, what is a felt sense and how do we communicate with it plus life forward movement – that eternal universal thrust toward well-being that we experience when a felt sense shifts.

Gene Gendlin named Focusing based on research he did around personality change in the 1950’s. He made a key discovery in that change of any type always occurs in a relationship. We might be in relationship with nature or a good friend or something within ourselves or what we recognize as a greater power. These are natural skills, however our cultural way of life has done a very good job of training them out of us in that we are no longer very good at accessing them in any given moment. Gendlin’s other key contribution was to discover that Focusing is a set of teachable skills. No matter where your skill level is when you begin, this class will meet you there and move you forward. As we are tapping into the essence of change here, as in changing anything about ourselves, how our thoughts manifest, how our body functions or how we experience being here in our bodies, and literally changing neural pathways and DNA, there is no end to where you might choose to go with your Focusing skill set in helping yourself and others live happy fulfilled lives among the beauty that surrounds us.

Once you have taken a Level 1 Focusing workshop, you can practice as often as you’d like with the growing Roanoke Valley Unity Focusing Community in person or with someone from our online Focusing community via phone.  Focusing practice between sessions with others in the class is highly recommended.  Prerequisite: a Guided Session with a certified Focusing Professional, preferably within the previous year.

The skill set we work with in Level 1 includes:

  • Creating a space within that welcomes a fresh ‘felt sense’
  • The various ways our body might communicate with us beyond words
  • Forming relationships with what comes up
  • Staying with them
  • Sensing when they change
  • Sensing what fits and doesn’t
  • Being with one body sense even as you’re sensing something new arising
  • Enjoying positive feelings

Level 2-4 Training : Into the flow

Level 1 is like training wheels.  With Levels 2-4, we get even better at riding any terrain that life presents us with.   No matter what your level of Focusing skill is when you begin these trainings, the door is now open to a sense of more empowerment.  In ever-flowing layers, here we come to understand that we are always changing and evolving and Focusing is that essence from which we feel flow and thriving in our lives.  Now we consciously understand how to bring ourselves back to what feels open, alive and flowing anytime we do not feel that way either inside ourselves or with what is going on in the world around us.    These workshops will gather in groups that meet every 2-4 weeks for 2.5 hrs. This gives us time to fit training into our busy lives, provides a structure for us to continue practicing, helps us bond with the Focusers in our group and gives the subtleties of this process time to work.  Fee Range for each 5 or 6 session Level:  $150-210.


Pre-requisite Guided Sessions with Sandy

Focusing is about deepening our inner relationships.  In a Guided Focusing Session, I can help you experience  movement by accessing a deeper level of your own knowing than one can often access alone. As a Certified Focusing Professional, I am trained to guide you in this process. No preparation is necessary. A guided session is a gift to yourself. Similar to how you might take the time for a full body massage, here you set aside time to deepen your relationship with yourself. It is suggested that you come with a topic to invite. It could be something that feels stuck right now, something about yourself that you have long wondered about, something on your mind a lot lately, a decision, a health issue. Your body carries all the wisdom of your past, is fully aware of all that is going on with you now and has a knowing about what would bring a sense of thriving to your future. Together, we follow your body’s own knowing. Because of the natural way our brains are structured, we alone, often have difficulty being fully open to all our body is wanting for us to understand. I am trained to help you reconnect to your own sense of thriving around an issue. Generally first time sessions take 90 min, further sessions are closer to 60 min.

The experience of a Guided Session is required for Focusing classes so that we are all clear on what ‘type’ of experience we are going for here. It may be that you have just one session before you start a class or guided sessions can be used for reasons similar to why one might choose traditional counseling. In these alternative-to-counseling type situations, I am very happy to support you over a period of weeks as you move through a major adjustment as well as have you drop in occasionally on an as-needed basis.

Sliding Scale Fee is $50-$80/session.

Click HERE for a blog post about Getting Started and Guided Focusing Sessions.