Safe Places Stories

Safe Places Stories is a children’s empowerment book project that was birthed on the new moon of July, 2018. This came quite by surprise, I simply woke up that morning and knew I wanted to do this, that all of me was onboard, and that this project would unfold all in it’s own ripe timing. It feels like it comes from a place within me that has observed Self-in-Presence and has opted to team together in a way that models this way of being. Earlier in 2018, I had a strong felt sense image of groups of me coming together in team-like huddles and this is one joyful, confident team gathered here for this project.

The concept of Safe Places comes from within our Focusing skills. As we move ourselves toward Self-in -Presence, we are bringing safety to our inner world. Each time we find a way for this situation or this challenging moment to feel seen and accepted to be itself, we bring safety.  We may not be able to do this in every moment, however we practice and it happens more often. When we feel a tenseness, a tightness, discomfort of any kind, we pause, tune into the environment and our situation and find something around us to rest into as a safe place. My daily walks in the woods reminded me of this. I noticed all the safe niches that ecosystems create within themselves. We can do this too. 

Safe Places Stories are in process. Stay tuned and someday soon you’ll be able to pre-order the first set of 3 stories.