Second-Third Year Learning Community

Facilitator: Sandy Jahmi Burg

Oh my, what a joy to be here! Here we will continue our journey in facilitating change. This space is for those cohorts that have completed the first year in the Learning Community for Mastery in Guiding Change. My goal is for this to be a touchstone community for your journey toward holding space for change whether you are here as part of your certification path with TIFI or crossing these skills with something else you are already doing like coaching, therapy, body or energy work, etc.

We’ll meet a total of 10 times a year. I expect all cohorts to meet for the second year. Those that would like to continue for a third year and have a minimum of 6 participants, will have that option. Some of you may move to another cohort in order to continue.

Our 1.5 hour gatherings will generally have one of these two structures:

  1. Two 40-45 min segments (with a 5 min break) that could include:
    1. a workshop from one of our members
    2. case study discussions of facilitating change with clients (bring your questions and share your celebrations!)
    3. a video of someone guiding a first time client (we share appreciations and process questions)
    4. small group discussions around relevant topics (i.e. felt sense conversations)
  2. A 1.5 hr presentation from a paid facilitator we have invited. These will often be Focusing related and not always. We may also explore related modalities that facilitate change in ourselves, others, organizations, etc.

All gatherings will be facilitated by me on zoom. All community members are encouraged to offer 45 min workshops to practice teaching something you’ve learned/explored outside of our class and also to bring topics for small group Focusing/felt sense sharing. This is a particularly rich place to explore edges as we are all advanced Focusers and you are not needing to teach basic skills. Topics can be something outside of Focusing that you are crossing freshly with us. Those on certification paths will be bringing a 20 min first-time client video at some point. We’ll share appreciations and explore potentials together. What we do each year will vary with the interests of the particular cohort. We will record classes if you miss and most of what happens here will lean heavily on being here in person for an experience. For those on certification paths, missing more than 2 classes will need to be made up in some way.

I am excited about the unique life skills you each bring with you to our space. I am honored to be a companion and fellow traveler with you all. Cheers for the beginners mind of self-in-presence and for having fun together in the process!

Learning Community Agreements we Bring to this Space

  • Bring all of yourself to this gathering, not just the “shiny parts”.
  • Presume welcome and extend welcome.  We all learn most effectively in spaces that welcome us.
  • Attend to your own inner teacher.  Pay close to attention to your own reactions and responses.
  • No fixing, no saving, no advising, no setting each other straight!  Each of us is here to discover our own truths, listen to our own inner teacher and take our own journey.
  • You may be extended an invitation to share in pairs, small groups and in the large group.  You choose, if and when. 
  • Speak your truth.  Respond from your center to the center of the circle, not to another speaker’s center.
  • Listen deeply without judgment.  By creating a space between judgments and reactions we can listen to others and ourselves more fully.
  • Identify assumptions.  Over time our assumptions of how the world works become invisible to us. 
  • Use honest open questions.  These are questions that we cannot possibly know the answers to.  They are free of opinions and agendas.
  • Maintain deep confidentiality.  Allow what is said in Learning Community to stay here.  
  • Respect silence.  After someone has spoken, take time to reflect and honor the words that were shared.  This concept applies to the speaker as well – be comfortable leaving your words to resound in silence, without refining or elaborating them.

When the going gets rough within, turn to wonder.

Yes? Then we’d love for you to join us here!

Sept 2022 – June 2023 Dates

For this next year, our ongoing dates will meet on Thursdays 7:30 – 9 pm ET.

Thursdays: Sept 15, Oct 13, Nov 10, Jan 19, Feb 16, March 16, April 13, May 11, June 8, July 13

Second-Third Year Learning Community

Ten monthly 1.5 hour gatherings to continue exploring our edges in holding space for and guiding change within ourselves, others and the world around us.


Sept 2022 – June 2023 Current Schedule

Updates will be added as we go through the year. *indicates space is available or open to requests

Thursday, Sept 15

Discover your Style of Sharing Focusing with Frank O’Neill 1.5 hrs

Thursday, Oct 13

Workshop Topic TBA with Rebecca Aydelette 45 min

Small Group Exploration: Review: Felt Sense responses to our group’s center 45 min

Closing: Inge Terrill

Thursday, Nov 10  

Marketing with Mary Elaine Kiener 1.5 hrs

Thursday, Jan 19   

Opening: Sandy

Video clip from Carrie Moy 45 min

Small Group Explorations – Boundaries 45 min


Thursday, Feb 16 

The Work Before the Work with Sandy Jahmi Burg 1.5 hrs

*bring colorful art supplies – markers, pencils, paints

Thursday, March 16 


*Videos, Workshops, Small Group Explorations 45 min

*Case Studies: Inge & …


Thursday, April 13 


*Case Studies, Videos, Workshops, Small Group Explorations 45 min

*Case Studies, Videos, Workshops, Small Group Explorations 45 min


Thursday, May 11  

Workshop Topic TBA with Inge Terrill 45 min

*Case Studies, Videos, Workshops, Small Group Explorations 45 min


Thursday, June 8 


*Case Studies, Videos, Workshops, Small Group Explorations 45 min

*Case Studies, Videos, Workshops, Small Group Explorations 45 min


Thursday, July 13 

Qi-Gong for Focusers with Sandy Jahmi Burg


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