“There is so much heart in Focusing!”

KariKovickKids-600x448“Over and over again, I have found that Focusing provides a beautiful combination of what seem to me to be the two most essential aspects of meditation and therapy: the ability to be objective, to dis-identify, so that I can truly look at myself, and the ability to hold what I find in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way.

Working with Sandy really creates a bubble of safety, too. I know she will support me 100% without judging, and with total acceptance. I remember clearly the first time I had a phone session with Sandy. My habits of my perfectionism made me anxious, fearing that I had to come up with something good to fill the space, or it wouldn’t be good enough.  Even over the phone, I could feel Sandy supporting me with a sense of spaciousness. There was no pressure, no expectation for anything specific to happen, no agenda, just a safe allowing from Sandy to just BE here. Suddenly, I relaxed into that sense that it was fine to be exactly as I was. That in itself was life changing. To build on that, I practice this kind of relationship with others in my community who are using Focusing to cultivate emotional safety and acceptance. Thank you, Sandy, for starting a Focusing community in Floyd!”

Kari Kovick, Heart of the Child Music Education