“Sensing Appreciation”

Kyle Kirby“Holding space for me and others when I can… truly gives me serenity. I have something in me that wants to see results of my focusing…trying to deem if it’s necessary for my existence.
Where do I start…sensing tears of joy of how amazed I am. How open I truly am as a person, how much love I have for all creation. I feel it with me now in my throat.

I never wanted to read, now I can’t get enough of it. Instead of reacting I practice pausing and the listening which brings me peace and happiness. I realize when people are upset that it’s an inner struggle going on in them. I feel more accepting, open, joyful and so much more. I can’t even begin to put all the changes I’ve gone through since I started mastering this totally awesome skill into words. Big thanks to Sandy and everyone that has help me along to way!”

Kyle Kirby