“I can’t say enough for the wisdom within Sandy’s book ‘Awkward Moments Bloom’.  She has taken the process of Focusing and opened it to the experience of a child and the child within us adults.  As I read through the the pages, I joined their journey, I was able to witness and hold space for the experiences of her characters and as such I received such an opening in me.  It truly is in the simplicity of our focusing practice that big changes happen.  The simplicity of pausing and becoming still to live from our bodies not our minds comes through on each and every page.  A child can do this, as can us old children at heart.  It really is this easy, when we let go of the stories in our minds and follow the wisdom of our bodies.  It is in the spaces between thought and experience where Sandy shows us life and wisdom happen.  Her book is a calling to the wisdom of our bodies.I encourage teachers, therapists, guidance counsellors to follow the Smartview Stories and keep these books close as they work with the ‘littles’ in their lives.  It is a treasure to be shared.  Thank you Sandy for bringing the simplicity into our awareness and removing the veil of complexity we create in our minds.”

diane stadnichuk, RSW, MSW

The Learning Community was the perfect next step for me after completing Level 4. The community is so warm and welcoming and was supportive for me to learn and grow in my personal and professional practice. Sandy holds such a safe and open space to explore what feels alive for us. This paved the way for very rich discussions as a group. I really enjoyed learning from the guest teachers that Sandy brought in, it expanded my horizons and opened the doors to different modalities and practices. I would highly recommend the Learning Community to anyone looking to take the next steps in their Focusing journey.

Ash Hall, Inner Wisdom Yoga Instructor
Rachel with some critters that remind her of inner partial selves.

“My journey of healing wouldn’t have been made possible without Sandy and her focusing class. The focusing practice has been a real game changer for my life. I no longer look for quick fix of my old trauma and heart pains, I know I have the focusing tool to come back and use anytime I feel triggered, sad, or scared.. Through Sandy’s coaching, I developed profound self love and self confidence to navigate life challenges. “

Rachel Fang

Becky Schaller

I was focusing regularly before I started doing so with Sandy.  It was good, but slow. I was thankful for incremental progress.


It was when I started with Sandy that things really started taking off.  She has a way of helping me create a space for my parts that enable them to feel safe.  Then she knows what to say to me to help them continue to feel safe and to move ahead.  I have chosen to work on issues with her that I don’t  work on with other people because she creates that kind of safety for me.
Becky Schaller

Bear Brandegee pic

Sandy is one of those teachers who will change your life. Someone you can point to and say, ‘yes, her influence gave me an entirely new perspective and skills that were transformational’. She’s so with you in the moment that you feel life moving forward in every class. Having taken both her level 1 and level 2 focusing, I have a new way of being in the world. In her virtual classes, I’ve met wonderfully talented and interesting people and I can’t wait to continue with levels 3 and 4.

I have recommended Sandy to many colleagues and friends both for her on-line classes as well as her extraordinary private sessions.

Bear Brandegee, Executive Coach, Pittsburgh PA

Molly Gutierrez

“Thank you for all of the amazing work you do for us, Sandy.  This class is really teaching me a new language that I couldn’t live without.”

Molly Gutierrez

“I love the organic, completely self-directed and amazingly gentle way that Focusing “works.” I have taken Levels 1 and 2 with Sandy. She is wise, intuitive, detail-oriented, and fun/ny. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone wanting to explore, heal, gain insights, and let their own intelligence lead them forward.

THANKS for your devotion, Sandy!”

Nancy Maurelli, Goose Creek Gardens and Sister Nettle Farmstay, VA



“Would you like to add some great tools to your emotional balancing toolbox? Try Focusing. Seriously. It’s like meditation on steroids… without the steroids…”

Amy Avery




“I’ve done quite a bit of inner transformational work in the past and those methods took me as far as they could go. What attracted me to Focusing is that I recognized that THIS could fuel me more into the deeper parts of myself. I’ve been able to achieve a deeper level of intimacy with communication. Focusing has met and fulfilled my desires for process.

It’s been everything I’ve wanted it to be.”

Jay-El Fogo

CarolineFocusing…the work reveals itself.

It comes from near and far.

It is and has always been.

It carries wisdom on It’s ride.

We are Its vehicle. It moves. It is still. It vibrates.

It bends and It blends.

It brings us to the edge and we wait for It to show us, to shift us, to ease,


Caroline Thomas, Hiker, Artist and Owner of Ambrosia Farm Bed & Breakfast and Retreat Center


“I was introduced to Focusing shortly after my husband Doug passed away. Working with Sandy during two Focusing sessions helped me tremendously to see outside of my box. The best way for me to describe it is that Focusing helps takes you to a place inside of yourself where there is a deep knowing, which is within all of us.

The way our society operates in this modern day and age, it promotes a loss of our connection not only to nature, but to the truest part of ourselves. If you have any idea what I am talking about, and you are interested in learning more about this, I strongly suggest learning Focusing techniques from Sandy. She is a truly amazing instructor.

You won’t regret it.”

Inge Terrill, Environmental Educator

Leah Rodriguez

“I have something in me that likes to manage my thoughts. He runs around all day classifying and prioritizing thoughts in my head. Sometimes very violently closing things away. Focusing is a time where I can intentionally thank my manager for all he does for me but ask him to take a break so I can look more closely at these thoughts I keep shutting down. I’m finding that letting these thoughts run their course is leading me to unexpected places. I feel free. Thank you Sandy Jahmi Burg for introducing me to this crucial life skill.”

Leah Rodriguez

“Sensing Appreciation”

Kyle Kirby“Holding space for me and others when I can… truly gives me serenity. I have something in me that wants to see results of my focusing…trying to deem if it’s necessary for my existence.
Where do I start…sensing tears of joy of how amazed I am. How open I truly am as a person, how much love I have for all creation. I feel it with me now in my throat.

I never wanted to read, now I can’t get enough of it. Instead of reacting I practice pausing and the listening which brings me peace and happiness. I realize when people are upset that it’s an inner struggle going on in them. I feel more accepting, open, joyful and so much more. I can’t even begin to put all the changes I’ve gone through since I started mastering this totally awesome skill into words. Big thanks to Sandy and everyone that has help me along to way!”

Kyle Kirby

Ann Main Headshot“I am so proud of the way that Sandy Jahmi Burg has deeply absorbed my teaching of Inner Relationship Focusing and made it into something dynamic and empowering to support her whole community. Sandy is warm, creative, and visionary, a person who blends the grounded and practical with the big view of possibility. She is one of the most active Focusing teachers and the Floyd community is extremely lucky to have her!”

Ann Weiser Cornell, Focusing Author, Trainer, Innovator

“There is so much heart in Focusing!”

KariKovickKids-600x448“Over and over again, I have found that Focusing provides a beautiful combination of what seem to me to be the two most essential aspects of meditation and therapy: the ability to be objective, to dis-identify, so that I can truly look at myself, and the ability to hold what I find in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way.

Working with Sandy really creates a bubble of safety, too. I know she will support me 100% without judging, and with total acceptance. I remember clearly the first time I had a phone session with Sandy. My habits of my perfectionism made me anxious, fearing that I had to come up with something good to fill the space, or it wouldn’t be good enough.  Even over the phone, I could feel Sandy supporting me with a sense of spaciousness. There was no pressure, no expectation for anything specific to happen, no agenda, just a safe allowing from Sandy to just BE here. Suddenly, I relaxed into that sense that it was fine to be exactly as I was. That in itself was life changing. To build on that, I practice this kind of relationship with others in my community who are using Focusing to cultivate emotional safety and acceptance. Thank you, Sandy, for starting a Focusing community in Floyd!”

Kari Kovick, Heart of the Child Music Education

Cathy Pascal

Sandy loves sharing the gift of Focusing and it shows! She sparkles with passion and commitment for the work and embodies a deep confidence and understanding of the process. She also gets things done – with large doses of creativity and courage. It has been a pleasure to mentor and work alongside Sandy as well as cheer her on as she continues to cultivate and support a Focusing community. I recommend her highly as a teacher and a Focusing guide.


Cathy Pascal, LCSW Certified Focusing Trainer and Coordinator


“For many years I have been hoping to hone my listening skills in order to be a better and more compassionate listener.  At the beginning of Level 3, I am realizing now that this section, and Focusing in general, is exactly what I have been looking for!  I always look forward to Focusing classes, but now more than ever, am excited for what’s to come.  Thanks, Sandy, for introducing this to me!”

Sydney Darden

70th birthday

“Focusing has been an extremely valuable tool for me.  Listening to my body is so much more powerful than the way the mind chatters on and on.  It has made major changes in my life and self-confidence.
 I have enjoyed many sessions where I feel so connected to my Higher Self as well as  guidance to what is the next step in my life for my well being and forward motion.”
Penny Lane


“I have always considered myself a very emotionally distant person, even from myself.  Focusing has offered me a practice and method of turning inward and learning about parts of myself that have been silent or “acting out” in my real life all the time.  I appreciate and benefit, with each focusing session, the gentle compassionate curiosity this method encourages when we look inward.  I feel a deeper sense of self-nurturing to all those voices and images inside that would like a little attention.  As I learn more about my full self this in turn opens lines of creative flow in my work as a potter and my life as a friend, lover, sister, and daughter.”

Wendy Werstlein, Studio Potter, Wrenn Pottery

“I was raised as a chilportraitd to use my brain and keep feelings to myself. So when I began to Focus the challenge of listening to my body was like exploring a new language. My body has had no trouble talking to me. Its my brain that refuses to listen at times. Even then the messages have been clear and totally unexpected. I am learning amazing things about myself. I love exploring with my head and my hands which makes this process always exciting. Having learned that life is an artistic venture, I look forward to developing this ongoing creative tool.”

Jayn Avery

“Focusing has been so good for me, a way to keep in touch with my body process and all that goes on in the many parts of me, parts that have learned a certain way of acting for reasons that present themselves for me to discover in a new way.  For example, I get headaches and I hate headaches yet often they have been teachers to me.  A certain part of me puts pressure on another part of me to act like I know what I’m doing.  When I act that way, I get the headache.  I listen.  Other parts may not have a clue of how to act.  If I can pause and listen gently to these parts and keep my presence, the headache will shift.  It is a practice for me, an ongoing practice.

This is grMartha picowing a new sense of embodied listening presence slowly. I so love what Gendlin says “what is true is already so, and owning up to it doesn’t make it worse. Not being open about it doesn’t make it go away, and because its true, it is what is there to be interacted with…” This phrase often will bring me to pause and be more present.”

Martha Taylor

“MosSBJByDanSmith_0814t of us have a lifetime of social training behind us that says we should doubt our inner wisdom, ignore our inner guidance. Focusing is an amazingly easy and direct technique that helps us access that very wisdom and guidance – and learn to trust it. The ah-hahs I’ve had while Focusing have knocked my socks clear off and across the room at times!”

Sarah Beth Jones, Biz and Empowerment Coach



“What has stayed with me is the awe of the process and how profoundly it can change not only how we relate to our selves but also to everyone and everything else around us.  It really feels like a homecoming to me, a gentle, compassionate invitation to bring Presence to what is.”

Rainbow Lonestar