Walking Together, Smartview Stories Book 2

Coming later this year!

Our books are now much more than a typical children’s early chapter book. Like any of us venturing out into a world where we find ourselves checking none of the above when it comes to a label, we found we needed a bit more explanation than just ‘other’. The three stories (Quiet Like a Deer, New Moon Walk and The Blame Game) come with their own supportive environment to help them thrive and flourish. Here is the table of contents:

Table of Contents

Foreward (describes how Smartview Village began and that any one can visit here as this is public land located near Floyd, Virginia, USA)

Smartview Map (where real and imagination meet)

Prologue (the story before the story where the Inner Companions (based on neuroscience) prepare to help their Smartview Village friends)

Quiet Like a Deer (11-year-old Stryder gives his intuition a test in the middle of the night)

New Moon Walk (8-year-old Wendy convinces her Mama to join her for Grammy and Grampy’s new moon walk so she can practice ‘seeing’ with her feet)

The Blame Game (Stryder and Papa walk it out together when adolescent anger needs some space)

Focusing and Felt Sense Literacy (a bit about Focusing and a great quote from Mary Gendlin)

Neuroscience (suggests one visit Neuroscience and Our Body/Brain on this website)

Smartview Stories Inner Companions (meet Hummah, Sleuthin and Ashamaya)

A Peek at the Poplar Family (meet Papa Sam, Mama Dawn, Stryder, Wendy and Levi)

Introducing our Smartview Team! (Sandy, Inge, Aaron, Nomi, Molly, & Renee)

The people in Walking Together (primarily the Poplar Family) will be illustrated by a new artist. As of mid September, 2021, Aaron Staengl is taking over for Molly Guterriez. Aaron already had a full plate for the fall. We appreciate that he is making room for our project.

Here is something that Molly finished before she left, the title picture for the first story, Quiet Like a Deer.

We will get to meet the Oak Family and some of the Maple Family in the New Moon Walk story. This story features a trail that goes along the Blue Ridge Parkway from the front parking lot of Smart View Recreation Area to Smart View Lookout.

An illustration by our new artist, Aaron Staengl.